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  • Why Fit Girls Get More Attention Than Skinny Girls

    Post by : SuperfoodStyle
Many girls hold the mistaken belief that the ideal female physique is super skinny. This may have been true in the past, and certainly not all guys have the same taste. However, I know I'm not alone when I say that I will take a fit girl over a skinny one any day!

A fit, toned physique on a girl shows that she is strong, independent and knows how to take care of herself. These are all very attractive traits in a potential partner, one with whom you can share a long and healthy life together. 


My advice to girls: ditch the diet and the treadmills! Unless you are actually obese (not the case for the vast majority of our readers), eating to lose weight has little to no health benefits, and in fact may actually lead to malnourishment. 


Symptoms of malnourishment include premature hair loss and dry skin --- certainly not attractive at all! Instead, along as you focus on natural, high quality foods, with an emphasis on superfoods, you can more or less eat as much as you want (within moderation of course!).


As for exercise, running and other cardio activities certainly have benefits, but should be combined with some sort of strength training. Developing your strength and your muscles has many health benefits, such as improving your metabolism and daily energy levels! 


sourced from YOKA

If you persist, you will also acquire a coveted toned physique that will get you noticed (I guarantee it!). And, as long as you don't use any unnatural performance enhancement supplements, you are not at risk to become "too big".



Go ahead and try it out.



How much attention do you pay to your health?



A.) Go to gym frequently, and pay attention to diet.


B.) Go to gym frequently, but pay less attention to diet.


C.) Pay attention to diet, but don't go to gym frequently.


D.) Want to be healthier, but haven't started yet.


Date:2016-12-04 20:19:22
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