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  • Your summer body starts in the KITCHEN!

    Post by : MrMeat

Many believe that sport is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Even though they are not wrong, it is important to note that diet also has a great influence.


Rules for a healthy lifestyle

These are some common rules to follow for a healthy lifestyle. But remember:


Drink plenty of water: Water not only helps you stayhydrated, but also allows you to clean the toxins in your body.


Get enough ZZZs: You need to get proper sleep in order to beenergized and refreshed and also to let your muscles and skin heal. Moreover, lackof sleep is linked to a higher level of a hormone called ghrelin, which isresponsible for weight gain.


Get sweaty every day: This one is pretty basic, exerciseregularly is a must for a healthy lifestyle.


Don’t skip you breakfast! Breakfast is the most importantmeal of the day. Make sure you don’t skip it, or any other meal actually.Skipping meals is counterproductive. Don’t starve yourself, just try to makemore healthy choices when eating.


Fight your sugar cravings: Sugar is a no-no. We all know this, but sometimes we have cravings… Try to choose healthier treats when you have sugar cravings (a cup of fruit or maybe a small piece of dark chocolate). It is not the end of the world if you want to eat a small sugary treat, but try to limit them.


This is how your plate should look like:



Our protein picks for healthy eats



  • Why?

    Chicken, especially chicken breasts, is considered the classic lean protein, ideal for those willing to build muscle. For chicken, as well as for turkey, white meat without skin is considered an extra lean choice, while skinless dark meat is a lean choice.


  • Which cuts?

    Breast (no skin).


  • Why Mr. Meat products?

    Hormone-free, antibiotic-free chicken. Original package (sliced and packed overseas).




  • Why?

    By opting for grass-fed beef (instead of grain-fed), you will get an even leaner source of protein. For example, roast beef is quite a lean cut, which can be enjoyed either hot or cold. It has all nine of the essential amino acids your body can’t produce, and gives you a healthy dose of iron.


  • Which cuts?

    Sliced beef tenderloin (grass-fed), whole ribeye (grass-fed, perfect for roast), striploin (grass-fed).


  • Why Mr. Meat products?

    Grass-fed, hormone-free,antibiotic-free, no animal by-products feed. Original package (sliced and packed overseas).





  • Why?

    Some might be surprised to find pork in this list, however some cuts of pork are very lean and an excellent source of protein.


    When it comes to Iberian pork, the beneficial properties for health are even more (compared to regular white pork) since it is high in Oleic Acid.


  • Which cuts?

    Tenderloin, Loin


  • Why Mr. Meat products?

    Free-range. Original package (sliced and packed overseas).

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Date:2016-07-21 14:03:44
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