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China Little T(r)ips is a new travel book concept, instead of giving you an exhaustive listing of all the places you can go to in China, we focuse only on tiny parts and remote provinces, and guide you day by day to help you discover China off the beaten tracks!

When we came up with the name “China Little T(r)ips” for the first time was during one of our trips to Inner Mongolia, in June 2011. At this time, we had already been travelling to many places in China, even really remote ones, and we just felt that we had to share those travel choices with our friends...or even more people!

The real inspiration came from friends who weren’t able to enjoy a trip into deep China mostly for two reasons. The first one is that they didn’t know where to go, even by looking into the well-known travel guides, that describe everything with the same lack of enthusiasm...

Second thing was a language issue: they didn’t speak enough Chinese to be able to enjoy trips in remote areas.. That said, we thought “Ok, let’s do something for them : a road trip book so they know where to go from Day 1 to the last day, and designed flashcards to solve the language problem!”
And there it was : China Little T(r)ips was born to help people travel in China by giving them the idea and the tools!! 
We do hope that our China Little T(r)ip Books will enable many of you to travel in a funny & simple way...


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