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FS Juice (the FS stands for "Favorite Squeeze") is the creation of a group of health-minded individuals who believe in the simple and scientifically-proven power of healthy diet and exercise. FS Juices are NOT meant for juice cleanses or fasting programs -- they're intended to supplement a healthy lifestyle with the nutrition your body needs. (US certified nutritionist, Jacqueline Zhan Fraise formulates all recipes.) FS Juice makes healthy and natural beverages like cold pressed juices, nut milks, blended soups, and Kombucha (a whole food supplement to boost the body's detox and immune functions). FS Juice also offers natural and low calorie snacks.

How does it work whenever they want to buy? They order trough you and you sen the order to us?

Then the order should be done before 6pm to We deliver the day after or the day the customer indicate us.


Suite 1605, 1088 Yuanshen Rd, Pudong, Shanghai
Tel: 400-11-5823
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