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Mavi was founded by two partners who left their corporate jobs behind to pursue their passion. It was first established as a patisserie in the Xintiandi area specializing in artisan chocolates and gourmet desserts. Mavi now conducts gourmet pastry classes for their clients to learn the secrets behind transforming basic into gourmet and focus on their signature online menu, products of which are available for purchase online at your convenience. 

They are also one of few companies that provide customized & personalized services. They love working with their individual and corporate clients to create stunning chocolate gifts and desserts. 

Mavi has partaken and in some cases co-hosted many events and they continue to work with their corporate partners to do exactly that and offer exciting knowledge and ways to enjoy their gourmet desserts like chocolate-wine pairing events, chocolate tastings. Mavi has also conducted a few workshops which include information on chocolate and stress reduction, quality of ingredients and how quality makes a difference to taste texture and appearance and much much more! 

At Mavi they are dedicated to using only the finest and freshest imported high quality ingredients in all their products. Their high grade chocolate is 100% produced and imported from France and then tempered and converted into finished products using their own unique and delicious recipes. 

Their heavenly desserts and tempting gourmet chocolates stir up great memories! 


Metro CiRoom 24G Number 41 North Caoxi Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai
上海徐汇区漕溪北路41号24楼G座 太平洋数码一期高楼
Tel: +86 15801791601
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