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Happy Bridge Kindergarten opened in 2013. It has now 2 campuses. Changning's campus withits 17 classes and Minghang's campus withits 25 classes. Bothoffer a rich program, which follows a British, French, German, Japanese and Chinese curriculum and includesactivities and workshops. Activities and workshops are dispensed by westernprofessionaltrainers and are fully part of the daily schedule.
HBKS Minghang is a 80/20 trilingual kindergarten for children aged 2 - 6 in either English/Chinese, French/Chinese, German/Chinese, Japanese/Chinese. Classes mix aspects of Steiner and western style while following respective British, French, German and Chinese national curricula. 
Located in Gubei, HBKS classes: Nursery, K1, K2, K3
HBKS has 25 spacious and brightclassrooms, large multizoned court yardswith playground areas,big sun rooms and vegetable gardens to discover if you come to visit us !
HBKS has spacious and bright classes and someroomsreservedonly for specific activities that each class is sharing according to a schedule. Thanks to these reserved spaces the childrencangrow in a secure and warm environment with in the school. 
Some of HBKS facilities are:一些哈比乔治的设施:
1.        A soccer field
2.        A basket ball court
3.        Discovery rooms
4.        A sandpit
5.        A skating rink
6.        A theater
7.        An Art studio
8.        A big and a small library
9.        A tennis court
10.      A kitchen adapted to children’s height
11.       Individual piano rooms for piano lessons

HBKS Changning campus
489 Huaiyin Rod, Changning District
HBKS Minghang campus
1588 Qixin Road, Minghang district
Fixe Number: 62238870
Mobile number: 18516396737



1588 Qixin road Rod, Minghang District
Tel: 62238870 -185163967737
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