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Valentine Sorret has been living in Shanghai for the past 8 years. Fascinated by Shanghai, she decided to relay her personal feelings and impressions about life in the big city. She made her writing debut with "Instantanés, Instants de Vie à Shanghai". The book was so popular within the Shanghai French community that Valentine decided to share her experiences with a broader audience and had her book translated into English under the name of 'Shanghai snapshots'.

The book has already sold in 3500 copies (English and French version) and is flying off the shelves like hotcakes.
Filled with emotions, fun stories, and intercultural insights, Shanghai Snapshots has become required reading for expat life in Shanghai. A must read!

In addition to her passion for writing, Valentine has pursued a professional career in marketing and public relations. She has worked for such ventures as 6Sens, the restaurant of the Shanghai Expo’s French Pavillion.

You can check what the press says about her book on
Press Release.


360 HengTong Road, Shanghai
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