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Shanghai Sunrise is a non-profit organization that provides high school sponsorships, university scholarships, and financial assistance to libraries in deprived school districts of Shanghai. Run by a dedicated group of expatriate and local volunteers, Shanghai Sunrise gives needy students the chance to continue to learn and grow to become productive members of this rapidly changing country.

Who are our students?

Students in our program come from Shanghai families with average per capita income from RMB 500 to RMB 750.  (Below that, the government provides subsidies.)

Students are rising 10th graders or university students and are selected by teachers and street committees in the districts we serve and the Shanghai Charity Foundation.

Many have asked—why not sponsor even younger students? We did so in the past, but fortunately over the years the Shanghai government addressed this need by providing free tuition to primary and middle school students. Government officials clearly see the need to extend tuition coverage to older students. As such, in the fall of 2010, they set a goal to assist 10 percent of underprivileged students in continuing their education. But, this will just scratch the surface—further highlighting the need for organizations like Shanghai Sunrise.

Who are our sponsors?

People like you! Our individual sponsors are primarily expats who are looking for a way to give back to the community in which they now live. Increasingly, we are getting more and more local sponsors who want to help their fellow citizens in need.  Corporate sponsors often sponsor several students, giving their employees the chance to see that they have made a real difference in the lives of needy Shanghai children. Many corporate sponsorships then lead to individual sponsorships, which helps out even more!

Our aim is to pair sponsors with students in high school or university on a one-to-one basis. Sunrise organizes pairing ceremonies to introduce sponsors to their students, enabling them to get to know each other and see direct result of their donation. 


Asionics Technology Center, Room 927, No.6, Lane 1279, Shanghai
Tel: 13681617871
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