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Tush Skivvies is a new breed of underwear, characterized by its contemporary approach to basic apparel. We design, manufacture and deliver intimates for both men and women, curated to meet the needs of the modern age. We are quality driven and consistently work to offer paramount value from the inside out. Our expermiental edge and directinoal aesthetics bring a new dimension to undergarments, and our high performing materials and processes are used to provide utmost comfort, support and performance. Instigating novelty and trend, we are positioned as innovators and visionaries of under apparel.

'Cause it feels good - this is the philosophy behind our work. Its also the reaosn why after trying on a pair of Tush Skivvies, you won't want to wear anything else.

Brainchild of Canadian designer Amelie Mongrain, the Tush Skivvies concept began in 2012 in Shanghai, China. Amelie has since brought together a strong team and worked with diverse industry experts and professionals to build what is now a distinctive breed of underwear. In 2014, Tush Skivvies became the official brand of Tushco and launched its online e-commerce operations at Products are currently available for sale online in China, with plans to expand to North America in the near future.

The Team

The Designer

Born in Canada and based in Shanghai, Amelie Mongrain is a designer and rising entrepreneur who is recognized for her work in functional fashion. Her inner creative reflects in her designs in a modernized spirit, and the quality of her garments stems from almost 20 years of experience in the field.

These distinctions can be well observed in Tush Skivvies' product line. Inspired by the colors, contours and dynamics that shape her environment, her contemporary designs are sharp and vibrant. Amelie's design intrigues in its ability to preserve the loved fundaments of under apparel in a progressive high fashion. Amelie is making waves on the fashion scene in complete sophistication and dynamism, promising novelty and progress.


5th Floor, 959 Jiujing Rd, Songjiang District,Shanghai
Tel: ********
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