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1. What’s Expatree club membership card?  >>top

Expatree Club membership card is exclusively offered to registered users on Registered users are able to receive benefits such as price discounts on items purchased and free event tickets from participating business partners

2. How to get Expatree club membership card? >>top
Users should first register on There are two ways to do this:
The first is normal registration, which can be done by accessing the “register page.” After successfully registering, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please reply to this by e-mailing with your physical address. Once we verify the email reply, we will promptly send your Expatree Membership Card to the physical address given.
The other way is shortcut registration. Without “register page” access, the user is able to do new item or event posting as well as expedited registration. After a successful posting, the user will receive an e-mail confirming registration. The user will then have access to the “My Profile” page, where mandatory profile information can be entered. After that, please reply confirmation email with user physical address to account Once we verify user email reply consistent with user profile content, we will send your Expatree Club membership card to the physical address you have provided us with.
Each membership card has a unique code and will only be valid after it is signed by the cardholder.
For old registered user, please firstly fill out the mandatory information on “My Profile” page.Next send your registered email address and username with physical address to account we verify the information on the email, we will send your Expatree Club membership card to the physical address you have provided us with.
3. How much does it cost?  >>top
The card is free for Expatree registered members and will be valid for the term inscribed in the card. For renewal please contact
4. How does the card work?  >>top
When purchasing from Expatree partners, please show your Expatree card; you will then be able to receive discounts. If you order online, then please provide the details of your Expatree Club card by sending an email to We will verify your card code and your name in order to give you the special offer!
5. Who are Expatree club partners?  >>top
Expatree Club Partners consist of two types:
-          Online boutiques on
These offer products such as jewelry stores, clothes, decorations, books, etc., and/or offer services such as travel planning, photography, Mandarin language instruction etc.
If you want to see which ones are participating, please check our Boutiques Section. The participating partners are designated as "Expatree Club" and the special offers provided by the boutique partners will be indicated on their "Hot Items/Services" tabs and in the detailed pages of the individual products.
-          Offline participating partners
These include restaurants and cafes that offers some discount or vouchers. Please click here to see the full list of Expatree offline partners.
In general, if you want to see the detailed list of our Expatree Club partners and their offers, you can check the full list of Expatree Club partners and discounts
6. How can I be informed about the latest special offers of the Expatree Club Partners?  >>top
There are 3 main ways:
1) On the Expatree website, you will always find our full list of Expatree Club partners and the latest discounts.
2) In our weekly newsletter, we will inform you about new partners and new offers! So make sure you have signed-up to our newsletter!
3) In the boutique store or on the boutique stall (for those participating in seasonal bazaars), you will find a "pancarte Expatree Club".
7. How to join Expatree Club program as a participating partner?  >>top
We welcome any provider or organization to join Expatree Club program to promote your best products and service to our users. If you are interested in participating, please send your request to with the subject line “Expatree Club program request.”
Expatree Team