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How to Branch Out

How to Develop Your Networking or Business on is an online community and online promotion tool available to the public. Through the use of this platform, you will be able to more efficiently and creatively reach out to your target market. On we have two types of accounts, “normal user account” and “boutique account”, the difference is boutique account can use additional powerful function to support promotion channel. The following instructions give you a clear step by step idea of how to make the most of this great resource.

Freely Posting for Promotion  >>top

“Normal user account and Boutique account” Scenario
Don’t be afraid of posting anything you want on As usual registered user is authorized to do posting, but you have alternative way to directly access posting page with shortcut register/sign in process.
There are several ways to access item/event posting page
1.      On the Homepage, click either the “Post an Item” or the “Post an Event” button
2.      On Market Place page, click “Post one” button for new item posting
3.      On Events page, click “Post one” button for new event posting
4.      On My Expatree page after successful login, click “Post Your Item” or “Add Your Event” button
5.      After one successful post, for continuous new posting click “Post a New Item” or “Add a New Event” on current page.
Tips:  After new event posting, your event information will automatically appear on “Upcoming Events” section in homepage when it’s upcoming.
“Special for Boutique account”
After login you are able to click “Post my items” or “Add my events” on your own boutique page. Successful postings not only show on Market Place page and Events page, but also collected into your boutique page for display. As boutique account it has privilege to share any useful knowledge and tips to public using “Share my tips” button on boutique page.

Adding New Branch to Network  >>top

“Normal user account and Boutique account” Scenario
As a registered user, you only need to click the
button on one particular item/event page, or on the boutique page; you can then see all updates for this “branch” that you have added.
Go to “My Expatree” page, and access the “My Tree” tab, two new sections “My Branches’ Favorites” and “News Seeds” will be visible.
In the “My Branches’ Favorites” section, you can see all of the “branches” you have added. Click the branch icon; the relevant liked items or following events will then be displayed. By discovering similar interests with those who you are following, you are given impetus to add new branch, allowing you to build a communicative group under your tree.
On “News Seeds” section, you can see all the up-to-date items/events posted by your added “branches.” Differing from “My Branches’ Favorites”, you are collecting your branches posted items and events. If you are a loyal follower of a particular brand, it’s quite useful to catch up with the latest from them first.
“Special for Boutique account”
Once someone adds you to his/her branches, you will be informed via email and be able to view your follower’s profile. Meanwhile, in order to efficiently promote your brand, your items, and your services, boutique owners are encouraged to regularly post new items or events. Not doing so can allow your boutique to fall into desuetude and discourage viewers from coming back to your boutique. Thus, by updating frequently, you both keep viewers happy an increase the likelihood of selling your items!

Improve Interaction between you and others  >>top

“Normal user account and Boutique account” Scenario

> RSVP Event Management
For event organizer, this will allow you to let applicants to use  button for event reservation purpose. Simply filling out form then send it out by user, event organizer will soon get applicant requests via email. At the same time, go to “My Expatree” page and access the“My Posting” tab. You can see posted events under “Listed Events” by clicking the “View participants” button; it displays all participating users contact information listing who sent reservation form already.

> Event Notification
For normal users, this will allow you to rest assured that you won't miss an event, on one particular event page by clicking “RSVP” button then sent your reservation request, one email will be sent to your registered email to notify you of this event on the day before it is to take place.
> Renewal Management
For item poster, it is quite useful to renew as frequently as possible in order to keep your audience interested. You can find “renew” buttons in two places. One is the “My Posting” tab of “My Expatree” page; the “Listed Items” will contain the relevant information. The other is on the page for a particular item at login status. After clicking “renew”, your item will show at the top of the item listing on Market Place page.

> Sellers Access
In order to simply access individual sellers, use functional button and then leave any message to one particular seller. Individual sellers will be informed via email of any feedback and you will be able to offer a quick response.

> Boutique Support
For registered users, you can freely add your comments to “user reviews” on the boutique page and add “comments” to particular item/event pages. In case of normal users, if you have any questions, please click the “send question via email” button for an email request. In addition, boutique owners will be informed via email of any feedback and you will be able to offer a quick response.
“Special for Boutique account”
Any new updating of item/event/articles will offer your brand a distinct advantage, as the shop brand image will automatically display in priority position under each category, giving you optimal promotional location.

"Want To Buy" Support   >>top

“Normal user account and Boutique account” Scenario
Difficult to find out the required products? Let everyone help you to look for it! Using this free fuction support, simply select "I want to buy" option in item posting page and then submit your item request. All users can see your request on "Want To Buy" section, and get back to you in case of proper items they found. Problem solving is guaranteed.

If you meet any problems while using our website, please be free to send any questions or concerns to We will give you quick response and solve your problem as soon as possible.


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