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About Expatree

With expat entrepreneur in mind, Expatree has sought to create a unique online community for expats living in Shanghai and Beijing. We specialize in meeting the unique needs of expat life by uniting buyers and sellers through our Boutiques section, Activities and Marketplace. We also offer other business-related services, including customer servicing, translation, sourcing, IT servicing, and locating distribution channels.

We are the only platform of our kind built exclusively for expats in China.
The BOUTIQUES section is highly interactive and tailor-made to expats' commercial needs. Unlike the typical classified listing sites, Expatree not only allows you to post your items, but also to have the opportunity to custom-build a boutique, market your events, promote specials and share your expertise with others.

"By using Expatree for brand value and promotion, selling your products get easier!"
Our EVENTS section allows you to find out and participate in various flea and creative markets, exhibitions and workshops in the area. Moreover, you are able to post your own events, share with others like you and increase your participants.
Expatree also provides an excellent online MARKETPLACE for selling new and second-hand goods. Whether you would like to quickly rid yourself of bulky furniture items before moving, exchange a spare printer for a handy tool, or sell a one-of-a-kind do-it-yourself creation. Expatree provides the perfect venue for marketing such goods through our online Marketplace.
The BLOG was initiatively created to help expat navigate urban jungle. Here you can also find out lots of vendors' stories and expert advice to make your thoughts sprouting. We welcome others' blog article contribution for sharing individual story or expert experience.

All of the basic services provided by Expatree are free, such as listing in our Marketplace, Events and Blog sections. However, we do charge a slight fee for such additional business services as having your own Boutique custom-built. We are also in the process of building an online payment service for our Boutiques section, which should enable expat entrepreneurs to greatly increase sales volume.


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