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Open Your Boutique

Expatree online boutique service is opened and free of charge, we'll send our brochure for your demanding. You can follow these different steps to finish your boutique creation.

It takes only 3 simple steps to have your own boutique ready to go:

Step 1

What kind of documents do boutique owners have to provide to Expatree?

1. Brand name, which will be used for sign-upon the Expatree website.

2. Online boutique contact information, including address, email, telephone number, Wechat QR Code Picture for contact purpose, etc.

3. Brand description to be shown on boutique “Profile” page, it's strong recommended to offer owner's photo and illustrations. Additional around 30 words brief description on boutique listing page.

4. One 650x316 pixels image:it will be shown on your boutique homepage. This banner could be shop image or product/service/concept advertising.

5. One 650x372 pixels image:it will be shown on 
Expatree homepage for brand promotion. It is recommended to use different image from the banner on boutiuqe page.

6. One 229x229 pixels image:it will be shown on boutique listing page. It is recommended to use a brand logo.

7. Indicate one physical shop address. It will be displayed using a Google map.

8. Each product item should include the following information:

-- Item Title
-- Category and its subcategory
-- Price (There are two options: either “XXX RMB” or “Contact Me”)
-- Item Description
-- Item photo (Max. 4 photos for each item. It is recommended that photo shape is square, and please name the photo according to its description)

Step 2 

1. Boutique owners should send all required documents to with an e-mail subject that includes “Boutique Request."

2. Once Expatree receives the “Boutique Request” e-mail, we will start to verify documents ASAP. In the case of incomplete documents, Expatree will ask you to supplement it. Finally, Expatree will give you an e-mail reply with a decision regarding your request within 7 days.

Step 3

After your request has been approved, Expatree will then build a boutique to go live within 14 days. We will provide you with all relevant information for managing and updating your website. With your new boutique off the ground, enjoy the benefits of this fantastic new marketing platform!

Step 4
As a Boutique partner, there is an alternavtive bonus service we are offering, and it allows brand supplier to provide kind of special offers then get more attention from Expatree members. If you are interested in this service, take a look at details below and send us your request via email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with "Boutique Question" as the title.

& Expatree Team