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About Expatree

Following a long series of discussions with expats living in China and wanting to start their own
businesses, Expatree officially opened its doors in June of 2011.The impetus was a familiar story:
bright and capable expats wanting to start their own business, yet constantly running into obstacles.
Despite having an entrepreneurial zeal, many of the expats we spoke with found quality advice and
effective channels for marketing their goods sorely lacking. Many of these would-be impresarios had
fantastic products and great websites, yet still struggled with distribution.

With this expat entrepreneur in mind, we have sought to create a unique online community for expats
living in Shanghai and Beijing. We specialize in meeting the unique needs of expat life by uniting
buyers and sellers through a host of avenues.

Expatree Mission
We aim to create a cosmopolitan platform comprised of expats from diverse communities who can
share and discover original products, events and great deals.
Our Motto: Helping branch out
Expatree is designed to help expats who have just arrived in China, want to find products or services
that they miss from their home country, or had creative ideas that they want to share with the expat

Expatree seeks to offer a platform for all expat communities to gather and connect, because the
expat world is a small world, yet has so much to offer!

On Expatree, your tree may start as a small sprout, but as you add branches and grow, your network
begins growing bigger and wider. As Shanghai offers the world in one city, your tree can be as diverse
as the city itself.
Our Values:
Unlike traditional e-commerce sites, we focus on the “OIC” experience, which entails openness,
interactivity, and community.  Although we have an impressive array of products, we aim to offer a
complete and rewarding commercial experience, rather than the anonymous transactional type that
all too often pervades online commerce.

“OPEN” - We hope that becomes an open stage, any individual and business partner,
whether established or just starting out, are given a platform to share their knowledge,  and introduce
their products and services, promote their business.

“INTERACTIVE” - We aim to deliver a more valuable and communicative experience for both the
buyer and seller. Through the use of boutiques, sellers are able to establish a complete brand,
rather than exclusively be product-oriented. This includes opportunities such as organizing joint
events, publishing articles, and sharing tips, placing more emphasis on the promotion channel than
the sales channel. From the buyer's perspective, this means getting rid of the boring “view-order-
paid” procedure; brands are brought to life and information is more personalized and reliable.
Furthermore, the whole site can be customized to track the items that you've followed and figure
out your and others' favorites to give you better suggestions.

“COMMUNITY-ORIENTED” – Expatree is multi-cultural and comprised of many nationalities. This
cosmopolitan atmosphere enables us to offer a fantastic array of products, services, and events
and provide a diverse community experience. Making friends, finding business opportunities,
accessing  and sharing information, and helping others while you help yourself will make your life
in China both easier and more interesting.

Our Philosophy
Our objective is to continuously develop relationships with our stakeholders. We want to build the
simplest and easiest buying and selling experience possible for the expat community. We aim to
build sustained relationships with our partners and constantly work to meet their every need.

We are happy to discuss your needs and requirements and will bend over backward to ensure that
they are realized. As Expatree was created to meet unsatisfied needs of expats, it is our mission to
do what it takes to satisfy your commercial needs.
Whichever stakeholder it may be, we are delighted to help and will do what it takes to ensure that
your needs are met. As soon as boutiques join Expatree, we are happy to help them promote their
brands. We will also use our newsletters, blogs, and social media venues to promote users' activities
and products. It is our pleasure to provide a rewarding user experience for our customers.


& Expatree Team