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About Expatree

We at Expatree take pride in being the platform in which China’s vibrant expat community can market
their products, find valuable items, great deals and exchange ideas.
Our Boutique section plays host to a mélange of creative pages, each promotional brand showcases
featured products to meet daily needs. If one’s looking for a variety of great items, Expatree’s
Marketplace is the place to look. Our Event page showcases a wide variety of workshop, bazaar and
cultural events that you are welcome to get involved in. Featured Member Discounts helps you to get
your favorite products with a discount promotion, all delivered right to your door. Finally our blog
brings you wide insights of expert experience and different back stories, helping you navigate the
urban jungle in China.
Brief Bio
Expatree was born in an accidental chance. One founder, Gordon never expected he would start this
business and contribute himself to expat community in China. At the end of 2010, Gordon finished his
9 years abroad life and came back to his hometown, Shanghai. During these 9 years, he traveled
through New Zealand, Japan, France and spent most of his time on study and working to finally
become permanent resident. To others this might look like a incredible world trip, quoted from him

Because of this, once he set foot in his
hometown, in his mind expat life in
China has the same way to do things as
in their home countries, everything is
equivalent whatever you are expat or
However one person stood out and broke his idea. Eve, another founder, who was then teaching
Mandarin, in their several discussion it frequently encountered expats looking to buy and get rid
of household items. While sites like Taobao were certainly in existence, the lack of an English-
language interface, not to mention a friendly format conducive to the unique needs of expats,
meant that something was clearly lacking.
After that Gordon met quite a few expats friends in search of quality advice on how to start their
own businesses. Despite their abundant entrepreneurial zeal, many of these expats found local
regulationsand language barriers daunting. Moreover, despite having fantastic products and great
websites, many expat-owned businesses still struggled with marketing and distribution.

Gordon realized it was not as simple as
he thought at the beginning. To get rid
of different treatments and meet demands
for expats, one channel has to offer great
tips and deals then encourage them to get
involved in real Chinese life to help
understand what has exactly happened in
China. On the other hand valuable products from expats need have an opportunity to be shown in
front of Chinese people, teaching Chinese people the definition of “good value”, playing the role of
bridge between Chinese and Expats was shown more meaningful. After a series of discussions with
expats about their unmet needs, it became obvious that a new tool was necessary to link tips and
deals for expats. Thus, in the autumn of 2011 Expatree was born.

Rather than simply create another of many traditional e-commerce sites or listing sites, Expatree’s
founders wanted to put things on a new paradigm. They sought to foster a sense of community
amongst expats based on buy and sell relations. Given that many of the expats that the founders
spoke to were encountering similar challenges, the idea was to create a friendly and community
based environment in which the problems could be solved together.

Expatree has since expanded its site to suit wholesale distribution of many essential products. It has
also added a number of custom-built boutiques to reach a number of sectors, collectively showcasing
China-based expats' creative zeal. Instead of simply listing products and events, Expatree has sought
to use its event and marketplace sections to nurture community development, extensively promoting
live bazaars and charitable events.

This community-based promotion strategy
is predicated on employment empowerment
and civic engagement. Gordon, a veteran
ofthe IT industry, is a firm believer in the
power of people. Having worked for the
likes of French tech giant Amadeus,
Gordon finds that what separates the good
and great companies isthe ability to foster
teamwork. At Expatree, this has been predicated upon empowering employees as individuals,
reducing communication barriers, and encouraging risk-taking. A keen student of the Six Sigma
management born at Motorola in the 1970’s, Gordon, has been in the process of constantly fine-
tuning Expatree with his colleagues, a process that is never finished and led to the launch of the
all-new website.

In business since…

Expatree was officially launched in July of 2011. Since then, we have been steadily expanding our
portfolio of operations and new boutiques. We launched an all-new website version in July of 2012.

Number of employees  
Expatree has a small but growing staff of six dedicated individuals, comprising computer programmers,
a marketing team and executives. Aside from the experienced professionals, Expatreehas mentored/
guided several international interns giving them first hand corporate business experience.

Now Expatree provides a practical learning environment for international interns and welcome new
fresh ideas along with the growth of the business. 
Expatree is headquartered in Shanghai. We also have a Beijing contact point and have plans to
expand our operations to other parts of China as well.
Products/Services Offered
Expatree offers a number of products and service. Our Marketplace section provides a platform for
members to list items of their choosing, ranging from tea sets to electronics to vacations and
everything in between. We also build boutiques for business owners to improve brand value, which
they in turn use to peddle their own goods. 
Contact information
Telephone (Shanghai Office)
021- 32 14 06 10 (From Mon. to Fri: 10h-12h and 13h-18h)


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